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ATL SnapModern Mugs


a) & b)  showcase the bold K -Kirkwood script logo, plus a) Kirkwood branded bike in front of GBG Market.

b)  replaces the GMG Market with the Skater, Runner & Biker heading toward Pullman Yards.

c) showcases a Stone Mountain trail bike paired with the skate, runner & biker on Kirkwood brick texture background.

d) is the Atlanta Tools design trio.  each mug features all three designs.

f)  the Kirkwood Dog Park mug says “let’s play” with the base images of area pups.

g)  is the Kirkwood and Atlanta Traffic design is wrapped around a white mug with a yellow-gold handle, and interior.



Classic diner 11 oz. white, coffee cupMild detergent, no bleach, recommended.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
mug design

A-Big K Bike, B-Big K SkateRunBike, C-Kirkwood/Stone Mt Bike, D-ATL Tools, F-Kirkwood Dog Park, G- Kirkwood Yellow-Gold Trim


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